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An integration?

Unbounce is a lovely software for marketers. They can simply create landing pages in a few minutes, also it is A/B friendly. Anyone can start a beautiful web page for a marketing campaign, no coding skills is required. Creating landing pages with Unbounce has many advantages:

  • A/B friendly
  • Ready to update with a powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Hosted by Unbounce, and it is ready to receive a significant traffic

What MouseStats Brings To Unbounce?

Visitors who are coming to the landing page are valuable. They are usually coming from paid sources such as Google AdSense. Obviously, it is called landing page and it is made for first impression. So, missing even a single visitor without obtaining a valuable outcome is not a good feeling.
Therefore, MouseStats is here. MouseStats provides you a comprehensive suite of tools to boost the conversion rate. You will no longer lose a visitor without converting them to a customer, or at least, learn why they have abandoned the page. Each single visitor is valuable now. You will learn to improve and get better by each hit.

1. Full Session Recording

MouseStats lets you to watch your visitor activities like a movie, each cursor movement, click, key-stroke and all their activities with MouseStats Session Recording.

2. Website Heatmaps

MouseStats Website Heatmaps provides collectively behavioral reports those lead to prominent ideas for improvements. Eye-tracking Heatmaps, Click Heatmaps, Scroll Heatmaps, AreaStats® and Attention Heatmaps are consisting MouseStats Heatmaps suite. All the heatmaps are generated in real-time. MouseStats provides the most professional heatmap suite on the market.

3. Form Analytics

Form Analytics helps you to analyse your conversion form. A detailed and comprehensive report will be generated for the form and all its fields. You will discover visitor hesitation reasons, and you would be able to change the drawbacks.

4. Website Surveys

Creating a light and beautiful survey in your Unbounce page has never been simpler. You are allowed to create multiple surveys for free and get almost unlimited usage. MouseStats Micro Surveys lets you to add your own questions, steps and colors to the surveys. The generated surveys will be displayed on your landing page to received a direct feedback from your valuable visitors to improve. This information would be a critical with all other reports MouseStats provides you to gain the maximum conversion rate.

How to integrate?

MouseStats is fully compatible with Unbounce. We have applied all the required steps in our services kernel to simplify the procedure. Just include the tracking script, and setup the projects according to the Unbounce Integration documentation. To support A/B Variants in Heatmaps, you need to set some settings in your MouseStats Heatmaps Panel. Take a look the the mentioned document and get started.
Bring Comprehensive Heatmaps, Visitor Playbacks, Form Analytics and User Surveys to Unbounce.
Unbounce + MouseStats Playbacks + Heatmaps + Form Analytics + Visitor Surveys
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