Each Plan Includes All Services

Session Playbacks + Website Heatmaps + Form Analytics + Website Surveys

billed monthly
billed annually
15,000 Recordings
1 website
billed monthly
billed annually
50,000 Recordings
5 websites
billed monthly
billed annually
100,000 Recordings
unlimited websites
billed monthly
billed annually
250,000 Recordings
unlimited websites
Too early stage? 100 recordings/mo and ∞ website surveys with the free test plan.

Want a dedicated analysis by our specialists?

The above pricing is for self-service plans. We also provide extensive reports to enterprises. If you need a full UX review of your website by a team of experts, we are here to help.
Our in-house specialists will utilize MouseStats services and years of experience in UX on your website. Professionals will review your website and score them.
The report based on our findings for pages and the whole website will be provided in details.

- We study your pages,
- We ask real users to review your website,
- We ask professional designers to review it,
- We utilize our UX analysis tools and,
- We manually review all results.
- We also provide our own advice as a professional for improvements.

Finally, an extensive report prepared in a printed booklet will be mailed to your organization.
Send us an email today to receive a quote: support@mousestats.com
Get ready for the most professional report on your website UX.

Included in All Plans

Visitor Playbacks
Eye-tracking Heatmaps
Click Heatmaps
Scroll Heatmaps
Attention Heatmaps
Form Analytics
Website Surveys
Seamless Ajax support
HTTPS/SSL support
Mobile/tablet support
Unlimited team/clients sharing
Unlimited projects
Unlimited email support
Unlimited quota for Website Surveys
Free setup
Separate quota for each service
3-month data retention
Fully support dynamic and modern websites
A/B friendly heatmaps
URL-level tracking control
Set custom quota for each project
Bungling Heatmaps by mingling it with Playbacks

Plans Comparison

Free 0$/mo CHOOSE Bronze 29$/mo 25$/mo Gold 79$/mo 66$/mo Ultimate 299$/mo 250$/mo Custom-/mo CONTACT
Websites 1 1 5
Playback Recordings 100 15,000 50,000 250,000
Heatmap Recordings 100 15,000 50,000 250,000
Form Analytics Recordings 100 15,000 50,000 250,000
Micro Survey Recordings
Total Recordings - All Services 300 45,000 150,000 750,000
Heatmap Pages 2
Form Analytics Pages 1
Total Surveys
Professional Heatmap Suite
Extended Form Analytics Reports
Mobile Device Support
AJAX, Modern frameworks and HTTPS Support
Unlimited Report Sharing
Report Sharing on Your Brand
These numbers are not enough for you? or need a particular service instead of all of them? get a custom plan at support@mousestats.com.