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  • You are allowed to use these branding materials in blog posts or similar cases directly about MouseStats, with a direct link to MouseStats website at http://www.mousestats.com

Intended to write about MouseStats?

What is MouseStats? A comprehensive conversion rate optimization suite, which provides user experience analysis and related services to boost the conversion rate.
What services MouseStats provides? Services are expanding periodically. Currently, MouseStats provides the following services in all plans:
  • Visitor Playbacks (Session Recording): MouseStats allows you to record all the activities and interactions of visitors, and you can watch the recorded sessions in MouseStats Player. All the interactions, including cursor movements, touches, key-strokes will be displayed in the recordings. It is like all the website visitors are sending their screen recording to you in real-time.
  • Heatmaps: MouseStats provides the most professional heatmap suite in the market. A full suite of heatmaps including Eye-tracking Heatmaps, Click Heatmaps, Scroll Heatmaps, Attention Heatmaps, and AreaStats are among these features. All heatmaps are real-time. MouseStats is the inventor of AreaStats®.
  • Form Analytics: An in-depth and detailed report for each individual web form. Details are about the form statistics, and also measures for each field are also included in the reports.
  • Website Surveys: Create sticky poll gadgets for websites, with custom questions, steps, answers and form designer. All responses will be stored without any limit at no cost. This service is absolutely free for both paid and free users. Color is customization.

Important General Features

What is on all plans and services:
  • 3-Month data storage
  • Unlimited free support - 15~ minutes average response
  • Free setup and configuration
  • Dedicated and independent kernel for each service. As an example, Heatmaps data points are collected separately to achieve the most accurate reports, not generating heatmaps as much as Xs can extract from recorded Playback data.
  • Controllable services to enable/disable specific services on specific websites or even pages (or all pages) based on the client decision.
  • Unlimited hassle-free sharing with secure URLs (Introduced for the first time by MouseStats in 2012)
  • 3x Quota in fact, Separate/independent resources for each service (5,000 pageviews means: 5,000 Playback Recordings + 5,000 Heatmap Recordings + 5,000 Form Analytics Recordings + Unlimited Website Survey Responses = 15,000 separate recordings, can be used on separate pageviews, separate domains and pages)
  • MouseStats provides a life-time free plan, no credit card required

What Service Features Are Unique?

There are many important features MouseStats have. However, these list just provides the important measures to analyse the quality of service in compare to the competition:
  • Visitor Playbacks (Session Recording): Recordings will be stored for 3-month or more, No sampling or similar terms (all recordings are available in the list without any modification by system), Fully supports rich client-side modern web applications (AngularJs, jQuery, intensive Ajax use, etc.) without any further configuration, Directories and pages for recording can be defined the panel (recording all pages automatically is also an option), Comprehensive JavaScript and REST API to integrate recordings, Advanced features such as tagging, recorder JavaScript control, etc.
  • Heatmaps: A/B friendly heatmaps, Taking screenshot of web pages to avoid heatmap break after updating contents, Archive-ready heatmaps, Real-time generated heatmaps, Generate heatmaps based on filters in real-time, MouseStats is the inventor of AreaStats®, Heatmaps are compatible with single-page web applications
  • Form Analytics: Real-time reports, field-level statistics, auto-detect page forms without further settings, powerful JavaScript API, Ready to integrate with Ajax-powered forms, REST API to utilize reports data in other applications.
  • Website Surveys: Unlimited responses and pageviews, free, unlimited steps for each survey, form designer for each step, multiple choice steps, per-item actions, powerful action control to allow to implement advanced scenarios.
Bring Website Heatmaps, Visitor Playbacks, Form Analytics and User Surveys to your website.
MouseStats Playbacks + Heatmaps + Form Analytics + Visitor Surveys
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Any Question?

We are the guys who made MouseStats and we would enjoy to talk about it anytime!
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