White Label Reports

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White-label Reports?

The white-label service has been discontinued and we no longer provide this service without enterprise contract.

If you are an agency, you may would like to provide MouseStats reports with your branding. It is classy and more professional. MouseStats is very sharing friendly and it is developed to help agencies to spread the reports. It is possible to create different independent projects for each customer on different domains. Therefore, sharing each project separately is absolutely simple with a single sharing URL. No username/passwords are required to review a securely shared report.
In this scenario, a project for each domain will be created and the result can be shared with the respective customer. MouseStats white-label reports will display your company logo, copyright and details in all the shared reports. A step more, reports will be loaded on your custom domain or subdomain.


  • Time required: We will setup your settings in a few hours
  • Cost: Free
  • Available on: Platinum/Ultimate plan/Custom Plans

How To Start?

It is simple. Just activate your plan and email us (1) you logo (SVG preferred), (2) branding name and (3) your domain at support@mousestats.com. We will send you the latest information for setting up a quick DNS record to forward it to MouseStats servers.

Reports with your branding?
Share MouseStats reports with your customers
Starts from $70/m

Any Question?

We are the guys who made MouseStats and we would enjoy to talk about it anytime!
Just ASK whenever you feel confused.

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